During the month of October, NAIOP Silicon Valley arranged for lunch with the candidates running for Mayor of San Jose.  Both lunches featured an intimate discussion about the opportunities to support the growth of commercial development in San Jose.  Lunch discussions with County Supervisor Cindy Chavez and Councilmember Matt Mahan included:

  • Certainty of fees
  • Approval of TI’s
  • Staff’s comments are not substantial and yet they have not reviewed the plans properly
  • 26% staff vacancy rates—goal is to have less than 10%
  • Lack of coordination between two departments
  • Timing, fees are turning away from SJ
  • Residential density in downtown is needed
  • Homeless and mental health
  • Vacancy in SJ is very high
  • Rents are not high and we don’t have to worry about building new commercial because of the high vacancy rates and low rents
  • Need to help people to move back to the office so downtown commercial revives
  • Outsource of permitting are a little quicker and could help
  • Permitting needs to be consistent; a road map for clarity
  • Turnover of staff hurts consistency; continuity is very important
  • Vacancy rate is also going up in downtown SJ
  • Turnaround time is slower with people at home or
  • Affordable housing for teachers and police officers
  • Utility undergrounding
  • Issues with PGE
  • Appreciation of our assets

NAIOP Silicon Valley is gaining respect and trust among elected officials and this is the first time that we have had access to San Jose Mayoral candidates.

Instead of a typical soundbite, campaign speeches and messaging, NAIOP Silicon Valley provided an academic setting where ideas were discussed and solutions were discussed by the members and candidates alike.  It is important to engage all members with public policy and that is why NAIOP Silicon Valley provided members with an invaluable access to the Mayoral candidates in the busiest time of the election. We are appreciative of Supervisor Chavez and for Councilmember Mahan for taking the time to meet with our members.

Want to learn more about NAIOP SV’s Public Policy Platform? Please contact Edesa Bitbadal.