The California State Legislature is now on recess and there is big news about the Warehouse Bill – AB 2840 (Reyes), which stalled in the Assembly Governance and Finance Committee last week.  Below is a statement from Matthew Hargrove, President and CEO of California Business and Properties Association.

“We thank Chairperson Caballero and members of the Governance and Finance Committee for hearing issues related to AB 2840 and Assemblymember Reyes for deciding to hold the bill for the year,” stated Matthew Hargrove.

Hargrove continued, “The bill as written would have broken a key link in the state’s supply chain, killed jobs, and hurt housing.”

CBPA stood with a diverse coalition of stakeholders to oppose the measure including several Labor Unions, the CalChamber, and CBIA who designated the bill as a Housing Killer.

“Modern warehouses and logistics centers are major job creators and are among the most energy and water efficient buildings in the nation. The trucks that take products from warehouses to the desired locations are cleaner than ever and are well on their way to becoming emissions free” stated Hargrove.

AB 2840 by Ms. Reyes attempted to ban warehouse and logistics projects over 100,000 s.f. from being built within 1,000 feet of other non-warehouse buildings when introduced.

To read the full release, CLICK HERE.

THANK YOU to all of you who have helped on this bill. This is a victory worth celebrating, but the attacks on our Industry will not subside here.

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