The new state bill, AB 1547 , targeted at warehouses is in development that will make it increasingly difficult to operate any type of industrial warehouse or logistics center in the state.

Assemblymember Eloise Gomez Reyes (D-Gran Terrance) has announced that she intends to amend her bill, AB 1547, with language that many warehouse owners and tenants believe will continue to drive companies out of the State of California with another policy that will make it very difficult to operate any type of industrial warehouse or logistics center as it may give unprecedented tools to nearby NIMBYs to fight new projects.

According to the author’s office, AB 1547 will be amended to require the following prior to the approval of a warehouse development:

  • A 1,000-yard buffer zone between the boundary of the site and sensitive land use such as schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods.
  • Local notice to the affected community with details about the project.
  • Require on-site equipment such as forklifts and other dock machinery to be powered by zero emission technology.
  • Require construction equipment to use highest emission standards currently available.
  • Conduct an analysis of air quality impacts of the warehouse development taking into account the truck traffic increase caused by the project.
  • Require project applicant to hold series of community meetings with affected residents to develop a community benefits agreement.
  • Community Benefit Agreement must include: A plan to incorporate zero emission trucks; ensure use of zero emission last mile delivery; and local hire for jobs.

Many industrial warehouse facilities and logistics center employ many of these tools already in how they operate their facilities. Logistics centers and warehouses are extremely important to the state’s economy – and getting food and goods to people’s homes and stores – we are concerned this bill could hamper operations, push them even further away from urban areas, and make everything more expensive. We feel this type of statutory mandate on all facilities, will potentially be used to stop projects that some simply don’t want in an area.

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